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Wrong Turn At Albequerque

The day was kind of crazy. There was the adrenaline rush of hitting the deadline on a project despite the speedbumps that turned in to mountainous molehills. And then there was the one minor-major crisis that hits as I'm packing up to leave.

An hour later, I'm out the door. The prospect of cooking dinner for one (see what I did there?) seemed to be the wrong ending to the day.

A Dairy Queen burger and some cheese curds, however, seemed right on point. I hit the drive-thru. As I paid what seemed to be too light of a tab, the drive thru waitron mentioned that one of the other employees liked the color of my car (it IS hard to resist Dragon Green).  I asked about the cheese curds and was told that was NOT on my order. I was ready to wave it off when she shouted back to add it to my order while simultaneously reaching her hand out the window to collect the additional fee.   I paid and was told to park, they would bring my order out to me when all was ready.

I did as asked.

A pickup truck pulls in with an older gentleman behind the wheel. I see them in my rear view.

"HEY BUDDY!! DO YOU KNOW HOW TO GET TO SUNBURY ROAD?!?" I hear him shouting over Usher and Lil Jon, yeah.  I look across the street at the young parent looking back and the old man and quickening his pace.  I hear the old man grumble as he pulls in and blocks me in.

HEY.  HOW DO I GET TO SUNBURY ROAD?! Use the GPS on your phone, I thought.

I started to explain it to him as my food was brought to me. Non-plussed he went to his car to get the tablet he had scribbled the address on. "Wait here"  Don't have a choice, there's a Silverado shaped speed bump blocking me in. 

He starts to explain that he needs to get to Sunbury and State. I explain to him that that's a virtual impossibility. I put the address he spouts in my phone. Find out where he's going (my old neighborhood) and I give him the directions.

Slapping me on the forearm, YOU'RE A GOOD MAN BUDDY!! he bellows as he heads back to his truck and speeds off to his banking appointment.  After about 4 minutes of parking lot gymnastics, I'm home eating my burger and thinking, "I think i just ran in to one of the last people on earth who has a cell phone with no GPS." 

I also looked for the thin prick point of a spy ring and hoped to help that I hadn't been drugged or poisoned by some duplicitous former KGB agent with a score to settle (did I mention I've been watching a lot of NCIS lately?).

All is well though.

Godspeed crazy old pickup truck dude, godspeed.



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