Danger In A Jar

I am not a fan of stereotypes or sweeping generalizations based on heritage.

Unless I'm making them about myself.

I am of Irish descent.

I like the drink.

I like to tell stories (both aloud, and in written form). You might say I'm a storyteller.

Stereotypical drunk storytellin' Irishman. Go screw yerself. I've embraced this part of who I am. If you don't like it go read something else.

Needless to say, I always have a story to tell and libations to share.

Tonight was no exception.

As was walking home from tonight's Vine St. Celebration I was thinking about the fact that I had given, not one...not two...but three of my neighbors the link to my blog. I sure as shit hope I didn't talk shit about them anywhere down the line. Because...dude...if I did...clearly I didn't know how cool they were.

I know that now.

It's after 1...or almost 1AM.  Or will be by the time you read this (or I finish it)...in any event. It's about 2 hours later than I normally go to bed. And a lot less sober than I normally do.  If you're reading this, Kacy (god I hope I spelled that right), and Greg--I made it home. That 40 ft walk was treacherous, but I'm a pro.

So...yeah. It's late and I'm not sober.

Bear with me here...I'm sure I had a point of some sppppppppppppppppppppsx'mmmmmmmmmm`1ji]p
nkl ,gyy

This is over a week later...maybe almost 2 weeks later. I really haven't updated the blog in a frickin' long time.

I'll spare you the fact that I apparently fell asleep on the keyboard. For a very long time. Like Rip Van Winkle long (not Rob Van Winkle long). That little blip of non-sense you see above went on for PAGES.

I don't know why. For all my bullshitting about being a writer, I really need to write more.

No..I know it's not really bullshit. But apparently some people think that if you're not published, then you're not really a writer. I don't really ever believe those people. Except for the times I do.

When I post on Facebook some random refrigerator magnet about writing, my Dad will invariably comment with "Nike." Which, in our lingo means...."dude, Stop posting shit about writing on Facebook and get to writing."

I really don't know where I was going with this post when I started it, but I do so hate to leave things unfinished. I'm gonna close up this post now in hopes that somewhere down the line that muse re-visits me (Drunk Todd has completely different trains of thought than non-Drunk Todd...so we may never know).

Any way...I'm off to do some writing. I have a short screenplay that I wrote about the power of prayer that I'm going to re-craft in to an actual story. I know it's backwards from how things are normally done with regards to writing/screen-writing, but I have to give it a shot for now. It's something. And I need to keep writing, especially while the characters in my book are being particularly uncooperative.

Have a great rest of your evening.


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