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I Guess I Forgot

Sometimes I forget things.  I forget my true purpose on this planet, in this lifetime. Multiple lives, multiple dimensions (death is an illusion; it's a transition, not an ending)--all that for another time (which is funny in itself).

But this time around my purpose is to express myself creatively and through that expression, inspire others to also tap in to their creativity. I'd forgotten that for a while. I thought quite selfishly that these blogs were really for me. And to some extent, they are. But they are also for anyone else. Do they inspire? I don't know. Maybe someone is reading it and thinking Dude...this guy sucks. I can write better them him. And they do.  OR someone says Wow...this is really good...I want to write like that! And they do.


They Do.

The they do part can't really happen unless I keep writing, though, can it?  No. Not so much.

But AT, I'm not at all creative.


Everyone has the innate ability to be creative.

I'm going to paus…