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The Role Of The Roll

The weekend of epically awesome things continues.  Today I drove north. Out of my little Uptown apartment and a little out of my comfort zone to attend a workshop in Ashland, Ohio.  The workshop was hosted by a very talented group of writers and creatives that I met earlier this month, the North Central Ohio Writers (check out their Facebook page here).

The focus of the workshop today was using the character creation tools in the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) gaming system to aid in character creation for other things you might be working on as an author.

I like D&D. I like to write. And I liked the folks I'd met from the NCOW group. Seemed like a no-brainer.  There was a brief moment of panic this morning where I thought I might have actually slept through my alarm and shot my window for the 80 minute drive. I would have had to given it some serious thought at that point--anyone who was late was automatically relegated to creating a Bard.  I'm thinking this makes more …

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today

The year was 1996. I don't know if this was the actual day or not, but in 1996 I was in Chicago for work (much like today). My boss asked me if I had ever had Chicago-style pizza. Thinking that Pizzeria Uno counted, I assumed I had eaten something that was a close approximation of Chicago pizza. I couldn't have been more wrong.  He took me to the place serving his favorite Chicago pie (as he called it). It was downtown and within walking distance from the hotel. So we did.  I have since learned a few things. The only place to get Chicago pizza is in Chicago. From a Chicago pizza eatery or restaurant. Anything else is "Chicago-style" and really not quite the same. People are fiercely loyal about which Chicago pizza is their favorite. One is Gino's East. I haven't had it, but my ex wife did and seemed to enjoy it. I think. The other is Lou Malnati's (or simply "Lou's"). I have had Lou's and it was also quite good.  And then, there's t…


Just a quick test to make sure the settings are working correctly for ye olde bloggy blog... (Better here than floating around my head...Thanks Blogsy)

Passing Semis

How can something be a home and yet be so completely foreign?

He walks through his apartment or what passes for one in this small college town. An afterthought on a house built to actually hold one family some time more than half a century ago sits holding his things. Not just physical possessions, but after nearly three years there is a thin layer of his soul somewhere between the dust and the wall trimmings that haven't been updated since before his daughter was born.

A recent frantic search for something believed to be lost has left this once cozy and always cluttered dream catcher in a complete state of disarray. The half-filled bags of things meant to go to the dumpster--trash and things that no longer belong in his life--echo the disheveled demeanor of a man who wanders his days knowing that there is something more for his life than re-runs of long cancelled shows and discount pizza coupons, both delivered wirelessly.

I know this man. I see him every day. Every day I wake up…

Holy Shit

Sorry for the bluntness of the title, but it almost perfectly encapsulates my current state.

For about the last 7 days I have been in the deep end of the funk-this-shirt pool and I felt a little like I was drowning.

Last month I shot a Father-Daughter Dance. The pix were magic. The night was amazing. The families over 100 of them had a great time. I put the memory card in my work bag, thinking it to be the safest place.

Long story short, there was an issue and I needed to go back to the memory card to pull the shots off and do the edits over again.

The memory card wasn't there.


The little malaise I had found myself in started to take more of a flat spin. I remembered back to the last time I had physically seen the card and where.

Only it wasn't in that bag. That bag was the bag I took to NY for a business trip.
It was empty.  I had moved everything back in to my daily work bag.

Everything, it seems, except the memory card I needed.

7 days of tea…

Comfort Food

Things have been...well...funky...lately. I don't mean like George Clinton funky...more like Bruno Mars. Feeling the same as before but somehow a little tinnier...with less soul.

I don't know how to explain it really. I can feel

*4 week pause*

First off...a few of you have checked in/up on me. Thank you, I'm fine.

I must be clear...I really hate the word fine. Most of the time I use the word 'fine' when I want people to know that I'm going through some shit that I'm still trying to process and not really able to talk about it right now, but that when I am ready to talk about it, there will quite likely be a post or 17 about it on this very site. Or one of the other outlets that I use to get the uncomfortable thoughts out of my head.

So, yeah, I'm fine.

I have a couple of different comfort foods. For me a comfort food is something that requires little to no prep...tastes good and caters somewhat to the latent gluttony that floats around my still too rotu…