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At The Station (Chapter 9)

Sometime last year I started seeing a movie in my head. The movie was really more of an alternate reality. Somehow I was seeing "Todd in an alternate universe" a movie. I knew I had to write it.

Now, to be fair, that's pretty much how all of my written pieces (other than the poems and blog posts) start out--as movies. When I see enough of the movie playing in my head, I have to sit down and start writing it out.   The excerpt below is from a work in progress. It has a working title, but I'm not going to tell you what that is. Hence the 'in progress' part of the work in progress moniker.

I owe a good chunk of the second half of this piece to friend and fellow author Monica Corwin. She had posted a 'who wants to do a word sprint' kind of post on the book of face tonight. It wasn't just a word sprint kind of post, it was exactly that. So I was all like, "yeah, sure. Let's do this shit!"  Or something like that. It was a 15 minute s…

Guest Blogging

This is a little 'cart before the horse' here, but that's never really stopped me before.  In the writing group I'm part of (check them out here...there are some crazy good authors in there), the topic came up of helping to elevate each other. Cross-posting blogs and events and the like. And the topic of guest blogging came up.  It's a simple concept. One of us asks another to throw a post together on a topic of interest.  I threw my hat in to the ring and said I'd be happy to throw a post together.

I'm not sure at this point whether to cue the Disney 'creatures of the woodlands singing and helping the princess in disguise get dressed' music or the subtle but unmistakable tones of foreboding, foreshadowing that the shed in back was actually the gateway to hell.

Side Note: Backyard shed or not, the gateway to hell may actually currently be held closed by a pie pan that is hammered in to the ground in the front yard of a farmhouse in KY.  Don't as…

What Is A Writer?

This past August, I found myself in the good fortune of being asked to join a local writers group. The group is small but has several published authors in its midst. Something that is a goal of mine. Don't get me wrong, dear readers, I will still write and publish on this and possibly other blogs for as long as that medium is viable, but there is a part of me that wants to be out there. That wants to be able to walk through an airport and see my books in the overpriced 'newsstands' where haggard travelers are buying overpriced tap water in bottles they have no intention of reusing or recycling.

That is the dream. Or one of them anyway.

Back to the group.  Yesterday was one of two of the meetings we have monthly. And a conversation started (possibly by me) about how "non-writers" always seemed to want to help us in our quest.

Side Note: Before I go further in this post, I would like to mention one thing. I have struggled with whether or not to even put this post ou…