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Framing The Rock Star Dream: A Lesson in Context

I have, as most kids, had several big 'dream what you're going to be when you grow up' moments throughout the course of my life. The one I'm currently working to fulfill is being a writer/author/rock star of the written word.  You're helping with that just by being here, so thank you.

Dreams are a funny thing. As a child, we're taught to dream. Dream big. Dream out loud. The word 'impossible' hasn't become part of our vocabulary (and if we're lucky, doesn't for quite some time in to our adulthood). The blessing and curse of childhood dreams is that we don't truly have a grasp of the concept that there will be some work required to actually seeing these dreams come to fruition.

I dreamed of becoming an Astronaut (along with DJ, spy, best-selling author, rock star). This was fueled by Buck Rogers, Space1999, Battlestar Galactica, Battle Of The Planets and any of the other dozens of sci-fi media I swam in as a youth.

 As I was walking to c…

Flux Capacitor

I had a really cool post in my head yesterday that I never got around to posting. It has to do with Rockstar vs. Working Musician. I never actually got around to writing it at lunch yesterday, but it's still in the forefront of my brain, so there's a good chance it will be written tomorrow at lunch. Or my next lunch break, whenever that might actually wind up being.

But today's lunchtime bloggy blog goodness looks at something else. An invention by Dr. Emmett Lathrop Brown, PhD. I am speaking of course of the Flux Capacitor. Now it's been a while since I did my temporal mechanics dissertation, so please forgive me if I generalize. The concept behind the flux capacitor is like a regular capacitor, only different. The traditional capacitor is a two-poled structure and is used to hold electricity in a field state. The Flux Capacitor is a tri-poled system designed to hold a massive burst of energy. The field state created actually shifts the temporal and spatial particles …

Stop Excusing Asshole Behavior

I'm a parent. I have been for almost 22 years now.  It gets you thinking. Like all the time thinking.  The primary thought throughout my child's growth to adulthood has been, "have I provided enough?" Enough life lessons. Enough nurturing. Enough good memories to sustain through the dark days my child may or may not face in their life?

I have reached a conclusion to that line of questioning.

Who the fuck knows?

I have been thinking recently about who gets revered in our society. And as my brain is wont to do, I tie things I see in with things I remember (or think I remember) from my own life.

I remember as children, and then later as new parents, the eternal struggle to make peace for our children.
A little girl comes home from school in tears because a little boy pushed her down on the playground.
A little boy comes home  from school in tears because another child took their toy.

The little girl is told that it's because that little boy likes you. He has a crush…

Dudes Suck

Dick Magnet
I have come to the conclusion that as a society, we suck as humans sometimes. I think men are a little higher up in that ranking. I realize that as a member of our species that has a penis, I am lumping myself in this mix. And that's OK. I'm an asshole and a dick sometimes. I will readily admit this.  But, as of late, I've had a couple of things happen that give me pause and make me think about the way people treat each other.

The first one was an incident that happened a few weeks back. I was on my way to a meeting of the writing group I belong to and was at a traffic light. I was in my patented powder blue tuxedo t-shirt and had on my Pabst Blue Ribbon trucker's cap, as ya do.  Window was down and I was probably jamming to either some old school hip hop or one of the dance stations on XM.

Perhaps it's the bright green car. Or the fact that I'm singing whatever I was singing like I didn't have a care in the world. I can't be certain what ca…

The Convenience of Obesity

Welcome. You may have noticed this time around when you popped on to the olde cooking not cooking blog that you got a warning about Adult Content. Don't worry. I won't be posting any pix of Trump's wife or anything of a pornographic nature on this blog. It occurred to me that children are getting more tech savvy at an increasingly younger age. It also occurred to me that I say fuck.  Like, a lot. So. There you have it.

I'm going to start off by saying this. I'm not a doctor. I'm not a nutritionist. I'm not a trainer. In short there is absolutely no reason to take any of what follows as anything but the rantings of someone who's figured some shit out in his 44 years on this floating hunk of space rock.

Now the meat of it.

It's easy to be fat.

It's stupidly, ridiculously easy to be fat in our society. By 'our society' I mean what is sometimes called Western Civilization. Not only is it easy to be fat, I would venture to say it's encour…

Timing And A Sneaker Company

You may recall in a post last week (linked HERE for your convenience), I talked about doing a guest post for a friend and fellow author. If I remember correctly, I wasn't sure when or if he would actually use the post. Turns out he did and you can find that post HERE.  Now, while it didn't necessarily help traffic to his blog much (I am an acquired taste, afterall), it did drive a little but of traffic to this here spot in the blogosphere, at least for a day or so.  Which was cool in my humble opinion. That's what our writing group (and I hope most of them) is really about, helping to elevate our fellow authors.

As Tim mentioned to me in a separate message, it's all about timing.  And it is.

My dad and I have had that conversation often. He is one of my biggest fans and supporters. Many times the support comes in the form of an athletic company's slogan, "Just Do It." Although usually he just looks at me and says, "Nike, dude. What are you waiting fo…