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Corporate Outrage Over Rape -- You're Doing It Wrong

If the title surprises you, it should. The post that follows saddens me. It saddens me that in this day and age I even have to post something like this.  It saddens me that my friend, the woman who wrote this, feels that she has to remain anonymous or else face more corporate retribution in the name of looking out for her best interest.  What follows is her letter. Her story. Read it. Learn from it. And stop tolerating it.  -A.T.

Uncomfortable Silences

If you are following me on the book of face or the gram that is instant, you may have seen a picture that looks like it was taken at a bar with a bottle of Yeungling Light and a Keno ticket.  That's because it was.

I had a couple of Pink Floyd books to drop off for my friend Chris and he had shoes for me. So, the plan - hatched earlier today - was for me to come see him at his second job, tending bar at Brew-Stirs Fun Pub. We would have a couple of drinks, try our hand at Keno and that would be that.

It was a pretty good plan. One I executed flawlessly while I was married and lived within walking distance to Brew-Stirs.  A friend of mine told me that I was more fun when I was drunk, and I think that's true to a certain extent. Tee oh double dee, if you're reading this, you're getting more than one honest paragraph tonight, brother.

So..I got home from work. I actually felt pretty good about how the week went overall. Things seem to be on the upswing and I am cautiously…

Cooking Show Confessional

In a cooking show confessional moment *  ** I was poised to do a post about how we, as a culture, for all of our wanting to be connected to people, seem to only want to be connected to the happy, go lucky bullshit persona that 89% of the people post on Facebook (yours truly included), and that because of that we often wind up saying "I'm fine" or "sure...things are good. I'm OK" when in fact we may be fighting the Rosemary's Baby of all internal demons with a smile that tells the world "thanks for asking, but I know you don't really want to hear the truth."

At least that WAS going to be the post. I was letting it simmer in the back of my brain-bucket all day.

And then I got home and something boiled to the surface about the fact that we are living in a society where we are dumbing down the interpersonal skills. We give trophies for participation. Somehow people need to be shielded from actual conflict. So in order to spare people the growt…

The Rise of Relevance *Amended*

I have said many times in previous posts in this here bloggy blog some of what follows, so apologies for the seemingly rant-like nature of this post, but it ties in somewhat with one of my works in progress.

The piece I'm working on is called The Treachery of Rainbows. It will likely be classified by some as dystopian science-fiction (but like most authors, I think there's a deeper message in the piece). In it, citizens are connected in most of their waking hours to the feed. The feed is tailored for their likes, dislikes, friends, and family. It provides news, entertainment, employment opportunities, and social engagements.  It's not a stretch to see what kind of technology in our current lives inspired this. The concept is fairly straightforward. What would happen if Facebook (or some other social media) became such a part of our everyday lives, that it was-in essence-Big Brother?

I thought, as I started it last November, there's no way this could actually happen. Wo…