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Interim Meanderings

I still owe you a post about the Farm. And by you, I mean me. Because there are some definite things I want to put on paper (in as much as this blog is actually paper) about this recent jaunt.\

I just needed to get something out here. There's been quite a bit that's been happening in my life. And sure, it's actually a lot of the same stuff that always happens, but you know, it's practice. For when the really cool shit happens, I guess.

That made more sense in my head--as does most of what I write here.

Speaking of writing. I have been. I got Scrivener for iOS almost exactly 14 hours after I sat in my local writer's group meeting and said that I thought it would be a waste to get it for my iPad Mini because, well...Mini.

So yeah, I lied.  And I gave it some thought. Which is to say I thought of some good rationalizations. But in my defense, I'm pretty wicked smart at rationalizations. And I kinda gotta feel like if you back them up or follow through with them, t…

Writing Prompt

Another writer's group meeting this morning. We all rotate who is going to lead the meetings. I'm on deck.  I like the idea of writing prompts, so I tried to think of one.
I printed off a half-dozen pictures. I turned the stack over, shuffled the cards, and wrote a random emotion or feeling on the back of the pictures. My hope was that the emotion or feeling on the back would be completely dissonant with the picture on the front.  The prompt was to use the picture and emotion/feeling and write for fifteen minutes.
Here was my picture.
The word on the back was "surprise."  What follows is the result after 15 minutes. It's not perfect, but I think I will file it and maybe come back to it someday.

** Writing Prompt 07-09-2016 **
The flags stood stoically. Frank hadn’t planned on going to the memorial at all. He wasn’t one for displays of patriotism.
“This is fucking bullshit,” he thought as he pulled into the public parking.
“Welcome, sir, to the …

Spin Cycle

I never learn.  I mean, sometimes I do. But with certain things, I never understood why they were the way they were. I didn't abide much by the philosophy of things being better because that's the way they'd always been done.

Take laundry for example. I know that a prevailing school of thought is that you don't wash colors and whites together. You should wash them separately. At one time I'm sure there was a fairly logical explanation for this.  The dye in fabrics was not of a caliber where it would stay colorfast in the wash. So if the colors ran, they would only be mixing back in with other, similar colors. The whites would stay white. And the colored clothes would stay colored.  Sometimes, if the whites started to fade, an additive was put in the wash to bring out their brilliance, by stripping the traces of color that may have become blended in with the white fabric.

But that never made much sense to me as a child learning to do laundry.  I had a basket of dirt…

F*ck Facebook

I'm not posting the link to this post on Facebook.

It's not some great protest move or anything. It's just my bi-monthly bout of being fed up with Facebook. And that's fine. I think there are about 4 people that will actually come read this blog on their own without the link--and thank you for that.  I could probably name them by name, but I don't want to embarrass them.

I think there are some good things about social media. Well, two that I can think of and they are both actually kind of mixed blessings.

The first is that whole argument of 'I found my long lost friend/cousin/roommate/bully-from-sixth-grade and reconnected.'   That's fine. But what if that person wasn't really meant to be back in your life at this time?  We are so "connected" to people that we wind up getting absorbed in the minutia of what people post on Social Media that we think we know them. What's worse--is that we think we know what's best for them.  And some…

A Writer Writes

It looks like it's been about 3 weeks since I posted something of my own here.

To be fair, my last post was from a friend. And I truly felt that she needed an outlet - an anonymous outlet - to work out her frustration and rage for the terrible thing that happened to her. I didn't do much, but I gave her a first step. If you haven't read it yet, you should. Because it's terrifying to think that companies can get away with sweeping things under the rug because it doesn't fit their mission statement or their bottom line. She's not through the ordeal yet. Not by a long shot, but she's making steps to take her life back on her terms. And that's a start.

I haven't posted here for a few weeks because I wanted her post to get some traction and exposure.  But that, dear readers, doesn't mean I haven't been writing.  I have at least 3 paper journals going at all times and have still been writing in them to get the demons out of my brain bucket.