Interim Meanderings

I still owe you a post about the Farm. And by you, I mean me. Because there are some definite things I want to put on paper (in as much as this blog is actually paper) about this recent jaunt.\

I just needed to get something out here. There's been quite a bit that's been happening in my life. And sure, it's actually a lot of the same stuff that always happens, but you know, it's practice. For when the really cool shit happens, I guess.

That made more sense in my head--as does most of what I write here.

Speaking of writing. I have been. I got Scrivener for iOS almost exactly 14 hours after I sat in my local writer's group meeting and said that I thought it would be a waste to get it for my iPad Mini because, well...Mini.

So yeah, I lied.  And I gave it some thought. Which is to say I thought of some good rationalizations. But in my defense, I'm pretty wicked smart at rationalizations. And I kinda gotta feel like if you back them up or follow through with them, then they are reasons, and not excuses or rationalizations.

So Todd, why did you get Scrivener for the iPad when you said you weren't going to? Seems wishy washy--are you practicing to go in to politics?

On the political front, no. No fucking way.

On the front of I got it when I said I wouldn't--here's the deal. Yes the screen real estate on the iPad Mini is small. But it still works. I used a couple of other word processing type apps on there, and as long as you have an external keyboard, it works. Now, I'm not keen on carrying a separate keyboard with me, so I went back to using the Clam Case Pro for now.  The keyboard is a little smaller than what I use every day, but that's a good thing (and here's why). The smaller keyboard forces me to actually slow down. Not quite the same way that a typewriter does, but it does actually make the writing more deliberate. And that's definitely a good thing.

Speaking of keyboards and good things, I just recently picked up a mechanical keyboard. Unlike a regular keyboard, each key hits an actuating switch. On the other keyboards (the non-mechanical) there is a membrane that lays under all of the keys. This makes the keys mushy.  The mechanical keyboards click and pop. You can hear the rhythm you are getting in to as you write--in short, it's effing brilliant.

I got one by a company named "AULA" and got their Dragon Deep model. The switches are a knock-off of the industry standard, "Cherry Blue" switches.  I've had it in place for 2 nights and have clocked about 2000 words it so far. Which is cool. The next closest thing (with the Cherry Blue switches) would put me back easily $100.

Alright, that's really all I got at this point.

I'll have more to say once I hit the deadline for this short story.

Peace out peeps,

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