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It Could Have Been Better

Some of you may know this (although I'm not sure why you really would), but I have T-Mobile as a cellular carrier and on Tuesdays they do this cool thing where they give you free shit.

Last Tuesday they gave me a free ticket to see "Suicide Squad" Friday. So, I got the ticket. I didn't realize until I got to Marcus (way too early) last night that it was on the UltraScreen. Bonus!

Now...I will be honest. I had no expectations for this movie. I really wasn't moved by screen caps and the trailer for Jared Leto's Joker, who seemed to be pivotal in the trailer.  It just really wasn't on my radar. I liked what DC did with the whole Suicide Squad story arc in "Arrow" but I wasn't sure how it would translate to a feature film. I think Warner Brothers and DC do and AMAZING job with their small screen work but haven't been really too much in to their feature films.

So -  did I accurately set the tone for the amount of fucks I gave for this movie? Cool. It's basically in the 'I'll see it when it comes to Netflix' pile. ticket (and $23 of concessions later), and all, and here I am.

I posted a five word review on Facebook last night that some might have taken the wrong way. It was simply this.

It could have been better.

That sentence in itself has no implied goodness or badness. But it was interesting to see how people interpreted it. 

Note: There may be spoilers in the rest of this post, but I'll do my best not to.

So...It could have been better. you hated it, Todd?

Nope. I didn't. I enjoyed the movie.  As a whole I enjoyed it. Going in to a movie with zero expectations or anticipation is a great thing because it means that a movie will never let me down.  I can actually enjoy it for what it is instead of hoping with bated breath that it lives up to the hype I've given it in my head.

So it sucked then?

Nope. Didn't say that either. I have a friend who fell asleep during the movie, she said.  I don't know which part she fell asleep during, but I couldn't catch a nap at all.

And here's the thing...I had to pee.   That may seem like too much information, but here's why it matters.  I had to pee and I didn't get up to go until I was sure I had seen enough of the credits to know if I had seen the extra scene.  If I have to pee and I hold it, there's something in this movie that has captured my attention. 

And it was Will Smith. He brought a presence to the character Deadshot that was on point. And Margot Robbie was amazing as Harley Quinn. Leto's joker, while not my favorite rendition, was on point for this snapshot of the DC Universe that Ayer delivered.

So, yes. I enjoyed it.  

But it could have been better.

The biggest problem I had with the movie was these were villains. Fighting villains. And even the big bad Argus biotch herself who 'assembles' the squad is not really very likable. 

So...baddies fighting baddies. And the big bad really wasn't someone I cared about. I don't think the movie delivered enough of the motivation for the big bad to want to end the world. Had they done that, it might have made it more palpable or at least something we cared about. As it was it was like Oh hey...this evil is suddenly free--how quirky. And now they want to end the world. Charming.

That was the main thing...I just didn't care about the fight between the bad guys and the badder guys.

The acting was on par, though. 

The pacing and tempo of the movie were a bit off.  I don't know how to describe it, but it was like a record player with a slightly stretched knew the song. And for the most part it was playing the way it was supposed to, but every now and then the belt would slip just a bit--enough to be noticeable and make you think hmmm, that doesn't sound quite right.   I heard that they had two different edits, two very different edits, of the movie and kind of mashed them together. So that might explain that. I'm hoping that there will be a director's cut version of the movie at some point, because I'd like to actually see what David Ayer envisioned for the film before the marketing team at the studio fucked it all up. 

And the last thing I will say is....for fuck's sake..if you have a movie so clearly aimed at geeks, why would you shoot the IT guys?!?! 

Alright. Hope that helped clear some things up.

Peace Out!


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