Paper or Plastic

I can remember as a kid or maybe it was as a teen...there was a shift from paper bags which I had known my whole life, to plastic bags at the grocery store. And then somewhere we needed to not fill landfills, so it was back to paper and the resusable bags. Then we stopped doing that and went back to plastic, landfills be damned.

For a while, though, we had a whole shtick where the baggers (remember them?) would ask, "Paper or Plastic?"

It would seem I find myself asking the same question here recently. I'm going to a writer's retreat next weekend. And as you may guess, there will be writing involved. Which leads to my current dilemma of 'paper versus plastic.'

I am debating which writing implement to take with me. I love typing on the 2009 MacBook. It still has one of the best keyboard feels of any laptop I've typed on. Originally I was planning on taking a typewriter, but I haven't cleaned them and got them working just yet. The other option is the ChromeBook. It has a pretty good keyboard, too. And an excellent battery life (11 hours vs 4.5 on the MacBook). And if something were to happen to it, out in the woods, I would be bummed, but less bummed than if my MacBook bit it. The other consideration is software. I'm mostly locked in to Google Docs on the ChromeBook (which is fine--I've been using that for first drafts anyway). The MacBook gives me Scrivener, Word, Google Docs, and OmmWriter--which is a awesome distraction free writing app.

And then it hit me...the iPad mini. I can throw it in the clam case. It's not ideal, but it would have the same apps I have on the MacBook, and a better battery life. Not to mention being more portable than either of the laptops.

But here's the other thing...I'll still take notebooks and pens. And paper.

So..I guess for the retreat it will be paper AND plastic.

Hmm. Sometimes you just need to sound shit out.


Peace Out


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