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Bilbo Baggins and His Luggage

TV and movie luggage and bags always seem so sleek and stylish. I'll see something and think, "Wow...that is a sexy bag. I need one of those!!"  Yes. I am well aware of the use of sexy and need in the same thought. But...that's the way my mind works.

I might have an obsession with (among other things) bags and cases. I believe that there is the ideal bag for a situation. I believe that there is (for me) a perfect backpack AND a perfect messenger bag. Because, you know, flexibility is important. There are, of course, the sub-categories of day bags, writing bags, camera bags, work bags, and creative go-bags.

No. It's cool. I know I have a problem. I'm well past denial and on to the acceptance phase.

Sexy male FBI agents seem to have the best messenger bags in Hollywood's outpouring. In looking at them, though, I realize that most of them are props (and not really practical) or if they do exist, they are ridiculously expensive. $50-$100 is about my top end for a bag. Sounds high, I know, but keep in mind I want something that will last. Also keep in mind that I get about a 45% discount on bags through my day job. So there's that.

I had a bag for Imaginarium. It was the Bag of Holding Con Survival edition. For what I used it for that weekend, it was actually the perfect bag. I can see that being my go-to con bag. A couple weeks after the con, though, I realize that it's not really great as a day to day bag (at least not for me) for my writing stuff.

You see...I have been limiting my personal bag (work bag is a whole other topic) to writing items. But sometimes I don't like limiting myself to just the writing side of it.  I have a whole creativity kit. That, looks about like this:

I know...I know. There's a lot going on there. But to be honest, that's a pretty good representation of what's going on in my headspace creatively about 95% of the time. So...yeah.

The writing bag had about one-third of that. And it fit in the con-bag. That subset fits in most any of the bags I have (yes, there are many). That's fine, but it didn't much help with the 'creative go-bag' concept I'm trying out. 

I thought I had an epiphany the other morning. The STM Velo 2 messenger bag is FANTASTIC. Seriously, it is probably the closest I've come to a perfect messenger bag. It's been my go-to work bag for months now. I'm paring down the items that go home with me from work, so I thought, "Hey...why not just use the Ogio backpack that my friend gave me for work and use the Velo for the creative go-bag?"  In my mind it worked. I had mapped out where everything would go.   The thought, though, was not quite congruent with the reality.  I still gave it the college try, but after 30 minutes, I dropped it.

The problem with forcing things to work in a bag, is that it becomes painfully obvious that it isn't really working...usually at a key time when you actually need it to work. 

I scrapped that though. The STM is a great messenger bag and perfect for my work needs. So, there it will remain.

That leads me to the CGB (creative go bag, c' wasn't that much of a stretch). I got things in to the Ogio backpack, but didn't really fit in a way that worked well for me in my head. 

Enter the Everki Titan.  This is a beast of a backpack. It's designed for a 17" laptop (my 11" Air is dwarfed in the laptop section, even in it's hard case).  It's about the size of a small child or a medium size koala bear. 

Everything fits in the bag.

Seriously everything.  I will need to make some adjustments in the coming days to get things settled in to their proper compartment (because, everything does in fact, have a place it belongs).

The funny thing about this whole process...this obsession if you that it has actually led to another epiphany of sorts.

I don't need to take that stuff with me everywhere. It's nice to have, but it's not necessary.  I can be creative with a napkin and a pen, if it comes down to it. And if it's a cloth napkin, I can do a magic trick AND tell a slightly off color joke (neither of which is as funny with paper napkins).

I don't know when it's going to happen--prior to NaNo or shortly following--but I will be paring down the bag collection. The STM is staying for sure. But I think I need to shift the thinking. Instead of the perfect bag, I need to identify the necessary tools  and go from there. Honestly, most of the time, it's the following:

MacBook Air, headphones, journal. And sometimes a flask. I mean, an external drive that looks like a flask. Ok a flask, too, who am I kidding?

The drawing is nice, but that's definitely something I mostly do at home. So, that doesn't have  to be in the bag. Parsing that element out, even if I did keep the Kindle and Bradbury, I think the options for the 'perfect' bag would be easier to wade through and I wouldn't feel like I was carrying an 800year old Jedi Master on my back everywhere...

So...we'll see how this goes.

And yes...hashtag shit you probably could have lived without knowing about me.  But hey...the good news is, it means all my really good ideas for things to write about are getting stored up in the NaNo bank.

Have a great rest of your day!


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