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Imaginarium: Day 1

I think I probably warned you that this would happen. So...really, if you keep reading at this point, you only have yourself to blame. My culpability is nil in this endeavor. You're the one reading this.  I'm just the writer.

Just the writer.

The writer.

It's about a quarter to 2 (a.m. for those keeping score) and my brain is still trying to process everything that has happened in the last 8 or 9 hours.

I'll try to recap, but after a beer and several rum and diet Dr. Peppers, there's a VERY good chance that this will be more random and rambly than normal.   I'd apologize for that, but you're the one still reading. I'm just the writer.

This is a photo of me on the way down. There was a gas station I stopped in somewhere before Cincinnati.  This is obviously before I hit the parking lot that was I-71 going through Covington, KY and Florence (Y'all).  Multiple mapping programs said it should take about 3 1/2 hours. And I planned my departure time accordingly.

Those programs were full of shit and didn't take in to account the construction and the fact that people tend to drive like shit. So, the 3 1/2 hour drive was 5. Granted that included a few pit stops along the way, but still.

Anyway. I got here and got checked in.  There was a minor kerfuffle with my room. And...wait...seriously... 'kerfuffle' didn't get flagged as a misspelled word? Wow. OK...back to the story. I got check in and things looked a little like this.

All checked in. All registered. Got my Rick shirt on. And my con creds. And I'm ready to do this. Oh..and I'm completely overwhelmed because this shit is legit. Not, of course, so legit that I would quit, but fairly legit nonetheless.

I made my way down to the Vendor Hall (or Artist's Alley as it's called in some cons) to see what I might want to spend my limited budget on this weekend. In the lead so far is a really nice leather cover for journals.  A close second is the $10 Nerd Mystery Box. I will probably buy one of Brian Keene's books. Even though his website is kind of hideous, he is the main big name dude here this weekend and it should be a thing. 

I learned a few things on Day 1.
  • Sometimes you CAN actually judge a book by its cover.
  • You should not always be so quick to point out to people when they think crackers taste like ass that they actually don't taste like ass.
  • Sometimes the best part of a panel is the knowledge of who to avoid on future panels (Carma, this does NOT mean you or Bad Boy Hair). 
  • There are few things funnier than seeing clowns in a hotel bar 40 minutes before their show doing shots.
  • Unless it's the dude in the too short shorts trying to slyly take pics of said clowns and having them totally call him out on it. 

There was more amazingness to the day. But I'm tired. And sleep is winning.  And maybe the rum.

There will be more tomorrow (

Goodnight my friends.


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