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Stop Looking For the Big Moment

This started as a Facebook post, but I found it getting quite lengthy in my mind before I even started typing.

So, here we are. Another bloggy blog for your night capping late night finishing off that bottle of moscato (or in my case Redd's Wicked Blood Orange) before passing out-I mean going to bed-getting up and doing the whole thing over again.

I'm giddy.

I'm not drunk. Although I can see where you might draw that conclusion. After all, I can count on 2 fingers the number of times the word moscato has actually been used in one of my blog posts. And I just did.

I feel compelled to apologize for pausing to go change out my laundry. It's something I call the Cooking Show Conundrum*.  Anyway, I'm back.  Where was I? Mos-oop...nope. Gotta keep that at two for now.

I'm giddy for a few reasons.

I'm giddy for a group of friends (family) from my writing group that I truly think of as friends and not just writers that I see sometimes.  And I'm pumped that I have some fun gift ideas for them. And that the supplies for those gifts came to my doorstep. And then I needed to sketch out those ideas (because prior to about 7 o'clock tonight, they were just words on a page next to a name).  I loved the sketches. It made me excited to start working on the gifts. if the evening wasn't already going in an awesome direction, I found a new miniseries on Netflix called Hip Hop Evolution.  And immediately flashed back to my Kid Chill days and my first introduction to Hip Hop. And then as I grew in to the genre, the digging I did to find out how the genre started.  But to see all that laid out.

And then....and then and then and OHMYFUCKINGGODTHEN to see Grandmaster Flash demonstrate his technique of marking the records with the crayons to always line up to the start of the break. Holy shit. That was awesome! And it made me realize that Baz Luhrmann probably loved hip hop as much as I did because what he portrayed in the Get Down did NOT hold back any punches. I'm watching interviews and real news footage cut in with the guys that spawned hip hop...and it's like supplemental footage to the Get Down. Mad props to BL for that.

And then my awesome friend Nikki tags me in a blog post by Chris Brecheen who writes the awesome blog Writing About Writing (And Occasionally Some Writing) that I quote and/or steal pics from on an almost daily basis. And I comment because, the post is awesome and I can totally see myself shooting the shit and having drinks with the dude...and he likes the comments! It was similar to the fanboy feeling I had when started reading books by the authors in my writing group.

So...that.  All of that led me to an epiphany of sorts.

Stop fucking looking and waiting for the big moments to happen.

Life. The really awesome part of life is not the big moments.  It's the thousands of little moments that happen every single day.  Seriously. I'm happy. My heart is happy. I'm swimming in a bubble of gratitude, happily scrolling past the bullshit and stopping to put little SM (social media, pervs) hearts on posts that make me smile.

I was smacked in the head (more Gibbs, less Glenn) by the fact that tonight has been full of those little moments for me.

That is a true blessing.  When so much of the world is going to shit. The ability to spot and relish in the thousand little moments while so many are standing around waiting for the big moments, is truly a gift.

Here's another little secret.  The thousands of little awesome moments that happen every single day are like bread crumbs. If you learn to recognize them, share them, and draw comfort and joy from them, then they will lead you to the big moments.

It's a weird glitch in the wiring of the universe. But in the grand scheme, it's a little thing.

Have a fantastic night and a better Tuesday morning if I don't talk to you before then.


PS. Scroll Down for the Cooking Show Conundrum

*The Cooking Show Conundrum
There's always that ONE fucktard of a contestant on the cooking show that blows it.  It usually goes like this.

Well Chef, what your sampling here is a raspberry, yak-testes sorbet in a bovine afterbirth reduction.

(gagging on the deceptively pretty dish)  And what made you decide on this dish. 

Well, it's a two part dish. The sweetened Squid sauce with apple butter really helps drive that home.

Where's that dish?

Invariably the contest says they screwed it up or didn't have time to make it, so they completely scrapped the idea.

At which point at lease one of the judges says that they wish they'd had that dish to try. And the contestant is left feeling like shit. Point is, if the recipient doesn't need to know, don't tell them. Or else they'll get stuck on what you could have given them. And that's not good...for anyone.


Unknown said…
So, I made it into one of your blog posts. That was really freakin' cool! That's never happened before. Chris Brecheen is a super nifty dude -- I had no idea you had such a man-crush on him. He's friend with another friend of mine and well... we became FB friends (as opposed to me 'Following' him, I guess?) through some weird luck-of-the-draw random lottery or some Universe Twitch... and every day he posts something that I just absolutely love to read. His blog post today read like one of your blog posts, made me think of you, and well... as all the good people know, the rest is history.

I love what you said about small moments. I live for small moments. I live for the opportunity to give a random lady at SkyLine Chili 35 cents because she wants two peppermint patties and doesn't want to charge such a small amount to her card. I love that those moments only come if we're actually open to them (read: They aren't actually random at all)....because on the day in question, when I gave a random lady at SkyLine 35 cents to buy two peppermint patties, I had spent the three immediately preceding hours sitting in the most horrific traffic I've ever experienced in downtown Cincinnati due to Trump being in town. I had sat in traffic so long that I had to pee so fucking bad that I had no choice but to pull into the first place I saw, which happened to be SkyLine.

I could've been angry. I could've been resentful and spiteful and hateful, full of angst and bile....but I wasn't. I was open and receptive to the kindness that the Universe was bestowing on me (because the opportunity to do a kindness to another is the Universe's gift to you)....and I said this in a FB posts, but I'll say it here, too..... 35 cents has to be the least amount of money I've ever paid to make someone's day....and it's certainly the least amount of money I've ever paid to have someone else make mine. Truly, what a beautiful gift.

Anyway. I can't say that I read all of your blog posts....but I do read a fair amount of them, and this is probably one of my all time favorites, and that's actually not because it has my name in it.... With all my heart and soul I'm full of gratitude, love, and joy at the opportunity to be part of one of the infinitesimally small and seemingly unimportant cogs driving the greater whole of awesomesauce-ness that made this post possible in the first fucking place.
Todd S. said…
This, my friend, is why you rock. And I am thankful we found each other again in this lifetime. Your friendship truly is a gift.

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