A Word and a Goal

Let me start today's lunchtime bloggy blog with a little tune. It's by one of my favorite bands, The Pink Floyd.  This song is off of one of their not-quite-so-mainstream albums, Meddle. The track is called "Fearless." The significance will come to bear in a few minutes. Well, about six minutes, to be exact-if you click to watch the video. And by watch, I mean listen. There's no real video content other than the album cover. Which, really is fine. It's the lyrics and vibe that matter in this anyway.

So. Not quite a masterpiece as far as tunes go. But it holds some significance to me, which I'll get in to...well....now.

A couple of writers that I dig lots (whom I'll tag when I actually post this to FB) kicked off 2017 by doing this thing where they pick a word. I'm not sure if the word is like a goal word or a target word for the year or some kind of empowering thing. I know, it's terrible, I have something of a short attention span, if I'm being honest.

That being said, I'll just go with how I plan on using the word.

I see my 2017 word as something I am not, but something I would like to be (or be more of).

And the word is (drum roll)...


Not really a surprise, I'm guessing, given the name of the video I started the post with, huh? Yeah, I know.

Here's the thing...I'm not fearless. I overthink the shit out of things. And while that doesn't necessarily equate to being afraid of doing things or taking chances, it does limit the chances I do wind up taking. In my head, I've overthought the balls of most scenarios I find myself in. And somehow that always winds up with me thinking that the worst possible outcome is the one that will invariably happen.

So...with a focus on being fearless this year, I'm hoping to curtail the overthinking vibe (and I'm already noticing a difference in that arena). Instead of overthinking all the damn time, I'm saying "yes" to more things.

For example, a friend of mine is curating a Urban Fantasy box set due out this Spring.  I have never written an urban fantasy story of any length. But I'm going for it. There are deadlines associated with the set. I'm not great with deadlines, but the opportunity is too good to pass up. And by too good, I mean, it's pretty much a dream come true. I'm going to be published. This year. Meaning that my goal of being a published author is about to come true.

It's kind of blowing my mind, and the tendency to freak out a bit approaches every time I think too much about it. So I go back to my word. And my song.

Fearlessly the idiot faced the crowd....smiling.

And honestly, that's how I feel right now. Things are falling in to place with the writing that seem like they're happening so face, but it's so amazing. I literally feel like the idiot facing the crowd.

I'm not fearless yet, by any means or stretch of the imagination.

But the year's not over yet, either.

You pick the place and I'll choose the time. And I'll climb that hill in my own way.


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