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The Return Of The High Plains Thrifter

Yesterday was a pretty damn good day, I must say. Aside from being ball-shriveling cold and snowing just 24 hours after it was in the 70's, it was still a good day.
I basically hopped in a time machine of sorts.
I started the day by hitting the record show. That's right. Colleen's Collectibles Record and memorabilia show. If you're looking for vinyl, CD's, concert DVDs, and rock collectibles in general, this is the place for you.

I can remember going to this record show back when it used to be at Vets. It was HUGE. But that was over twenty years ago.  Ian, Darrin, and I used to go and it would kill a whole Saturday. It's been about 2 years since I've gone. My math could be wrong, but it's been a minute. These days I can last about 2 hours before I just have enough. I had a couple of specific things I was looking for, so I held on a little longer than I usually do. Ran in to a couple of people I knew from Uptown so that was mildly amusing if not a bit a…

Peeling Back The Layers

I apologize, dear readers, for my absence of late. I know if you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen the guest post I did for the awesome Violet Patterson. And you know that I'm currently in the middle of writing a piece that's going to be included in an upcoming Urban Fantasy boxset called Midnight Magic.

But that doesn't really help you if you are jonesin' for a piece of ye olde bloggy blog, now, does it? No. No it does not.

I appreciate you sticking with me friends (or people who read me, secretly hoping I'll fall flat on my face with this writing thing...either way, you're kinda win).  I'm not going to totally bore you with what's going on in my life. OK. Maybe just a little.

So...this might come a shock to you, but most people I know who are even a little bit creative aren't really what society considers "normal." I am no exception to this stereo type. I long ago embraced the fact that I was broken. And instead…

Let Love Go To Let Love In

I woke up with a though this morning about love.  I sat down to write it as a poem, but quickly realized that my thoughts on it could not be boiled down in to something poetic. There were poetic elements, to be sure, but this was something deeper. I struggle with using the word epiphany.  I may be overusing that word lately and don't want to diminish its significance, nor to I want to constrict this morning's awakening.

That's what it feels like it was. Like part of me had been asleep and woke up.  This wasn't the blinding white light on the road to Damascus kind of awakening. It was more of a gentle nudge. Like when your dog comes over to your side of the bed and stands there. Then it realizes your eyes aren't open, so it gives you that gentle nudge letting you know it's time to wake up.

I am awake.

I can't promise that, at some point, I won't fall back asleep, but for the moment, I am awake.

All my life I have heard that if you love something (or some…