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One Shade: An Interview with Mr. Gray

It's no secret if you've come here at all at least one time that I am a writer. The quality of my writing is, of course, subjective. And soon to be a topic of international debate, if I have my way.

What is NOT  a topic for debate is that I have some amazingly talented friends. And being the awesome friend that I am, I do my best to help them when I can, if I can. That's part of what an artist-any artist-should do. They should lift each other up. It's all about the concept that a rising tide lifts all ships in the harbor, not just yours.

Todd, what the holy hell does that have to do with Mr. Gray? Are you going to give us some multiple shades of gray bullshit??

No. No I am not.

What I am going to give you is some insight and some information on a book I could not put down.

First off, let me tell you this.

This blog post is part of a blog blitz that I joined to help promote this book.  There are some cool things that can happen as a result. Namely three. You can win stuf…

In the Raw

*Note: This will make more sense after you read the guest post on the Books By Violet Blog.

Hang tight until then my regular readers. 
For those of you here because of the post on the Books By Violet blog, here's the raw, unedited version of the post that let you here.  -TS

Think of the best sentence in your favorite book. The sentence that made you stop and re-read. That didn’t make you-it commanded you to stop and re-read it. To appreciate its brilliance. Do you have the sentence in your mind?
Now imagine the book without that sentence.
Would it be the same? Probably not. Would there be some other sentence that would grab you the same way? Not likely. Is there something about that sentence, a word, a phrase, a hook that if it were modified would make the sentence something you skimmed right over?
The reality is, all of the above probably happened.
Hello there, loyal readers of the awesome Books by Violet blog. I am *not* Violet, but I’m assuming you already knew that based on the…