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Of Newsletters and NaNo

Tomorrow it begins.

National Novel Writing Month. The month that seems to be much like the Olympics for published and non-published writers alike. Regardless of the thousands competing world-wide, the field of competition is actually two: You and Your words.

I shall be competing for the third year in a row. The first year, I stalled at 25K words. Last year I finished six-thousand words over the 50K word goal.

This year I set my personal goal at 75K. Seventy-Five Thousand words. I don't know that my actual book will be that long that I have plotted out. There's a strong chance that I will write the book I planned on writing for NaNo and then move on to writing the second book in the Shadow Initiate series.

Several of my friends are asking me when I will finish The Treachery of Rainbows, so I may shift gears as I know that piece needs some serious re-work, too.  And, side note, to all of my author friends. I promise to try never again to ask you when a book is coming out. After the "strong words of encouragement" I got from some close friends about the lack of movement on Treachery, I get it.

I'm going to apologize in advance for my absence in the next 30 days. I really do want to hit this goal. So, I know that you're all cheering me on, because I have it in my head that you're anxiously awaiting my next book (whether that's the case or not. Shhh...don't spoil the fantasy).

And speaking of awesome news, exclusive story content, and behind the scenes looks at this journey to live my dreams, have you signed up for my newsletter yet?

If you haven't, you totally should.  Just fill in the information below. I use MailChimp for now, so you'll be taken to their page and probably get a confirmation email.

It's cool. I'll wait here.

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Cool? Cool.

So, Todd, what the heck can we expect, and are you going to spam us with bullshit/?

For the spamming part of the question, no.  I'm not going to spam you. For the most part, you will receive the news letter once a month. It will be a pleasant peek inside the mind of yours truly. I know that sounds like what this blog is, but in addition to that you will also get some exclusive content that isn't posted anywhere else. Character sketches, short stories, extra chapters, deleted scenes.  Think of it like the extras disk in that blue ray pack you got.  And if you don't dig it, you can always unsubscribe. No harm no foul. We'll still be best buds. I promise. addition to the regular newsletters, I will also be sending out special announcements (like if there's a new book coming out or other awesome projects I'm part of). Those won't be too hot and heavy, but they are part and parcel with the newsletter.

Just think of it this way, you don't have to bother with that pesky Facebook or remembering the check the ole bloggy blog for news of your soon to be favorite author. No, not Stephen King-although good choice. I meant me. Sigh. Ok.

I really need to get back to work. I have a busy month ahead.

And you should know one thing. I don't know when you come here to read this, but I do draw support knowing that you do. I love living out my creativity and I hope in some small way that inspires you to be creative, too.

Hang tight, I've just heard from the tower and we are cleared for takeoff.

See you soon!


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