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Day 30 - You Forgot The Tacos, But I Forgive You

There are roughly three hours left in NaNo. And I'm fried.
Not literally because it's Ohio. And it's November.

My brain is kind of mush right now.  As I sit down to write this, I am 933 words shy of hitting 50,000 words. The goal that was not my goal. The goal that is 25,000 words less than the goal I thought I would hit. The goal that is now the bane of my existence. At least for another 2 hours and 59 minutes.

I have a couple of stories that I'm working on and started working on at the beginning of the month.

I've probably talked about them. I might talk about them some more.

There are the NaNo purists who say that blogs don't count. Are there? I mean, I have to assume there are. But, fuck'em. I'm writing. These are words. These are my thoughts.

All of those things count.

As you might have read (wait, did you?) I hit a wall yesterday. And then I got back on the horse this morning. And then I had a doctor's appointment. I mean short of having stupi…

Caught Between A Sneeze and A Prayer

I use a Google Chrome browser plug in called "Momentum."  The first time you open Google for the day, it prompts you to put in a main focus (or several of them, like a to-do list) for the day. Like so:

For the past 24 hours (yesterday and this morning), those reminders have had to do with buckling down and finishing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month for those who just literally found my blog for the first time ever, today). 
Also for the past 24 hours, I have been caught in that 'almost about to sneeze' feeling. You know the one. There's a slight tickle in one or both nostrils, kind of up high, almost in the sinus, like someone is just gently rubbing your sinus from the inside. The nose starts to run. The eye that is on the same side as the affected nostril starts to water uncontrollably. No amount of nose blowing and eye rubbing seems to alleviate it and sniffling just exacerbates the issue and elevates it to the 'holy shit this is really annoying why …

Day 29 - Send Tacos

It is the 29th of November. Tomorrow will be the last day of the month. The last of November.  The last day of National Novel Writing Month.  The last day of a self-imposed torture, er I mean exercise in which I see if I actually have what it takes to be a writer.

OK, I know that's not really fair. NaNo is really more than that.

As has become my custom this week, I have been setting the alarm for 4:45 and getting up to write. My brain isn't necessarily firing on the 'work on the actual stories you should be working on' capacity yet, so I have been giving you glimpses inside my head. I don't know if they have been helping you see what a nutter I am (or think I am), or even to know what goes through my head when I'm writing.

Do they help?

Don't answer that.

In case you missed it, we had a nice little post on my particular flavor of Social Anxiety along with a tasty helping of The Doubt That Constantly Attacks Me, literally like all the time. Ironically, the p…

Shadow of Doubt

Alright, we are in the home stretch of National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo or NaNo or WhyTheFuckDidIThinkICouldActuallyPullThisOff if you are a writer participating in the annual event.

I am partaking of NaNo. I am close to finding a groove. It's not quite as back as Stella's but it's getting there. I have a story I like and one that I will continue to write after Thursday, the official end of the event. I'm like that guy that comes in 4 hours after the other Boston marathon runners are home chilling. I won't finish first. And I won't finish well. But if it's in my power (and it seems to be), I will finish.

I am finding that I doing a lot these kinds of posts this month. They are pseudo-pep talks. Mostly they are me sitting here trying to figure out why and how my brain works in relation to writing so that when I'm faced with something like this that actually matters (like being giving a word/time deadline by a publisher), I won't choke.


I'm Not Shy, Just A Little Messed In The Head

So, I recently (Feb of 2017) started seeking treatment for my social anxiety.

Whoa, Todd. You just gonna throw that right out there in the open like that? Aren't you worried what people might think? And where exactly are you going with this? Is this something you really need to be telling us?

These are all good questions. And I'll get to them in a minute.

Now, back to the actual topic. I know I have talked about it on this blog before, but because I'm terrible at putting tags and labels on my posts, it's unlikely you'll find it, unless you already read it. Part of that is probably subconsciously intentional.

So, where was I? Oh yes. The social anxiety. I discovered, through the observations of a good friend and also through discussions with my doctor, that I had social anxiety. My particular flavor manifested in two main ways.  One, I would overthink the shit out of everything. But not actually everything, only things said to me by people I care about. I could get a…

F*ck You, NaNo

I’m just going to say it right now. Fuck NaNo.   No, I know. That’s not the sunshine and rainbows you were expecting from me, and I get it. But I am really struggling this year. At first I had what I thought was a great idea for a romance. I had been sitting on this idea for months. However, I didn’t properly plan. So, while the idea was (I thought) pretty damn good for what I thought would be a good romance, it turns out that it stalled.

Why did it stall? Easy. I didn’t plan. Now, I know what you’re thinking, Todd, you’re not really a planner, so what the hell did you expect?  And you’re right. I mean, I am doing more planning now than I did a year ago. Well, I should say that I have done more planning throughout 2017 for my books than I did in 2106. But I did NOT do more planning prior to NaNo this year than I did last year.

It’s not that I got lazy, but I did get comfortable, which is pretty much the same thing, when you get right down to it.  I figured that the story idea was a lock …

Interview with Vee Gregory

Hello and greetings my friends! As some of you know, I'm an author. It's not my full time job yet, but it is definitely a full time passion.

If you follow this blog with any regularity, you will also know that I have another book coming out on December 5th. The book is called Ovid's Folly. It's the tale of Vee Gregory, a scientist who discovers her rather mythological heritage. I'm excited by the story, and I'm pretty stoked about Vee, herself. She's a 'no nonsense' kinda lady with a soft spot. As the writer, I put her in some rather rocky predicaments, but she came through them a stronger person for it.

Today I wanted to let you get to know Vee a little better. So I've asked her if she wouldn't mind a little mini-interview on this blog. Thankfully she said yes.

ATS: Welcome, Vee. I know you’ve got a crazy schedule so I appreciate you being about to take the time to speak to our viewers.
Vee: Ha. Thanks, Todd. So glad you asked. I'm not s…

Showing Some Love

If you are participating in National Novel Writing Month, you should know one thing.
You are awesome. Keep that shit up.

OK, you should know two things. The first of which is that you are awesome (keep that shit up). The second is that today is the day of the month that the NaNo team has dubbed

ML Appreciation Day.

But Todd, what is an ML?

I'm glad you asked.

Officially an ML, or Municipal Liaison (don't worry, I didn't know what it stood for either), is the person who coordinates events (such as write-ins) for a specific geographic region.  They are invaluable because they serve as a central focal point for anyone in the area who wants to give this whole crazy NaNo thing a try.

I am a bit of a rogue. I live in Westerville.  I should be writing close to home. I should have some connection to the local NaNo group blah blah. But I don't. For reasons I've gone into elsewhere on this blog, the writing group that I call home (and family and tribe and lifeblood) is in Nor…

Help! I'm Failing NaNo

November is National Novel Writing Month.  NaNoWriMo or NaNo, for short.
I have, once again, signed up to participate in the event in which writers from around the world all agree to put their best foot forward and pound out fifty thousand words.

Judging by the amount of hits my last blog received, you know this. And you don't care.  And I'm fine with both of those things. 

Today's attempt to hit some semblance of a decent word count, er blog, will be in two parts. 

Why I'm failing at NaNoWhy failing is a good thing, what can be learned from it.  There is a good chance that I'm only writing this blog post so that I can feel better about my daily word count for NaNo, which is abysmal-by the way, thanks for asking. There is a good chance that you honestly don't care since you may not have any common interest in what NaNo means to me (or other writers). There is a good chance that, like many of my blog posts, I'm using this space to practice things I've lea…

Who-oah! NaNo(ing) On A Prayer

Yes. We are halfway there. And for many of us doing NaNoWriMo, we are living on a prayer.

It's the start of week 3 of National Novel Writing Month (NaNo for the veterans) and I'm looking at my word count.

I have an entry in my calendar that I put there in October.  October when I had lofty goals of hitting a word count I'd never hit in a month. October when I was younger. October when I was naive.

That number I wrote in my calendar was 37, 500 words.  That would be half of my word count goal for the month. Doing the math you can see my goal was 75,000.  I was an idiot. And here's why.

Doing the math now, I have to do roughly 4,000 words a day.  I have had, this month, only one day that I passed the 4K mark and that was a day I wrote an hour in the morning and three hours in the evening because, you guessed it, when I'm on a streak I can hit about 1000 words an hour.

My average word count per month is about 23K on a good month. That number is going up based on a kic…