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I'm going to off today's triumphant return to the lunchtime bloggy blog posts with a little haiku.
This isn't a completely original haiku. The original was regarding DNS and is rather funny if you are an IT person. I've adapted it for use in my own (admittedly warped) reality.

So, here's a little haiku to give you some insight on where this is all going.

It's not writer's block. There's no way it's writer's block. It was writer's block.
Yeah. You guessed it. I'm eating my words again, and I'm finding that they aren't as sweet going back down my throat.

Up until this morning I was one of those people that would happily tell you that I don't get writer's block. If I get stuck, I change stories and work on something else.

And until last night at about 8:52PM, I probably believed that wholeheartedly.

But then, as I'm sitting there last night with 3 different windows opened on three different works in progress and a fourth op…

Oddly OK

I should, by all accounts, be freaking out right about now. Most of my friends and even my daughter are kind of freaking out for me. Which is kind of them, but completely unnecessary.

I started this post on my Alphasmart NEO2 and am finishing it on a 2009 white MacBook unibody laptop.

If you know me, you know that neither of those are my normal every day blogging tools.

Nope, that would be the Mid-2011 MacBook Air that I got September of 2016. That Air is the laptop that wrote most of my first and second book on. I got it off-lease from Micro Center.  It's got some awesome stickers on it. And a tiny bit of sentimental value based on the fact that I, you know, finished the first two books on it and all.

Thursday it died.

I was doing a reset on the SMC and it just never powered back up.  I thought that I had done it with the reset. But, after doing some research on the googles, it looks like it was just probably its time to kick the bucket.

Which sucked, but dig this...I was actuall…