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Little White Lies

This may not be an easy post to read. It wasn't an easy post to write. Or at least, as I'm only three sentences in, I am certain that it won't be an easy post to write. 
You see, it's a post that is as much as reaction to something I've recently seen as it is to the events that have been going on in our world. None of what is swimming through my head is easy to sort through. Nothing in my brain bucket right now is making much sense. 
There is a current of sadness that is swimming through everything right now. And I'm not entirely sure how to tread these waters. I've never been terribly good at swimming. But I know I'm not ready to let the waters consume me just yet. 
So...that brings us here. 
Well, now it brings us here. There was a slight break to grab a donut and a chai. Because there really isn't anything more typically white than going out and getting a chai latte. 
Right? Did you laugh? Does it seem like popping off to get a chai latte is a typical…